Flexible working still not accepted

The IT sector is not keeping up with modern workplace trends towards flexible working, according to a survey of 914 industry professionals by the IT Job Board.

While 61% of respondents said their hours were flexible (working from home, flexitime, etc), 45% said it was not an accepted part of workplace culture. A further 17% said that the adoption of flexible working options was actually having a negative impact on their career progression.

Respondents said flexible working was the most important requirement after salary when looking for a new job, ahead of location or even career progression. Almost two-thirds of the IT workers who were not offered flexible hours said they felt their work/life balance was suffering as a result.

Managing director of the IT Job Board Alex Farrell said flexible hours were especially the key to attracting women into the IT workforce.

“It is widely acknowledged that a flexible working policy is essential to many female IT professionals because it allows them to balance the demands of their career with family and childcare commitments,” he said. “Employers have no time to lose in introducing this practice.”

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