Fujitsu introduces new palm-scan innovation with two-factor authentication

Fujitsu has introduced a new biometric-authentication device that protects access, data and payment while verifying identify based on vein patterns.

The PalmSecure ID Match device, which will be globally from early 2015, meets the latest EU directives by addressing security-sensitive scenarios across a wide range of sectors, including finance, retail and social security.

Consumers are becoming more open to new ways of engaging with an increasingly digital ecosystem of financial services providers, public sector agencies, and retailers.

Models of ‘distributed business’ are also emerging where traditional organisational boundaries are less important and collaboration across geographical and organisational borders has become easier.

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However, security and privacy remains a concern for users, who want to maintain tight control over access, data and payment.

According to Fujitsu, ID Match maximises physical security by allowing multi-factor identity verification, combining palm-vein technology and SmartCard, with a pin-code option, for ‘real and true’ authentication.

The device comprises a PalmSecure sensor, a touchscreen and processor board with the latest ARM technology, plus a multi-card reader.

Based on the associated Software Development Kit (SDK), Fujitsu partners and clients can integrate this solution within their enterprise-to-enterprise applications, such as access control (physical or logical), time attendance, or replacement of passwords within critical applications.

“PalmSecure is one of the best examples of how Fujitsu is co-creating value with its customers by bringing together the dimensions of people, information and infrastructur,” said Thomas Bengs, head of security solutions, Fujitsu. “ID Match delivers reliable and easy-to-use multi-factor verification for a wide range of applications, enabling organisations of all sizes to protect access, data and payment.”

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