Fujitsu rebrands its converged-infrastructure line, adds Hadoop integration

Fujitsu has renamed the 20-plus data centre solutions that make up its integrated-systems range and added Hadoop integration to the family, it announced today.

The Japanese IT giant is not new to the area of integrated systems – which sees the components of storage, computing and networking delivered together in one software-wrapped appliance – but appears keen to reemphasise its position through the form of a rebrand.

Its range of integrated systems will now be touted under the ‘PRIMEFLEX’ brand, which comprises solutions from the likes of Microsoft, VMware and SAP – packaged and tested by Fujitsu.

It represents one of the industry’s broadest offerings of data centre solutions, including both ‘ready to run’ pre-integrated systems that can be rapidly brought into production, and so-called ‘reference architectures’, which offer more customisable pre-validated and pre-tested design blueprints.

The line-up includes Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA, which optimises high-performance real-time database solutions, and PRIMEFLEX for VMware EVO: RAIL, one of the industry’s first hyper-converged infrastructures optimised for VMware. PRIMEFLEX systems also power many services within the Fujitsu Cloud.

As the influence of hardware continues to decline in parallel with ever-increasing software capabilities, converged infrastructure has emerged as a beacon of light for the IT power vendors that still rely on sales of their storage, network and server equipment.

According to Gartner, although over 90% of the worldwide $80 billion data centre hardware spend is still on separate systems, the integrated systems sub-segment is growing very fast – by over 50% in 2012 and 2013.

Vendors claim that integrated systems cut operational cost and complexity by eliminating the need for customers to manage their own ad-hoc and laborious system integration projects.

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Fujitsu has also jumped on another emerging trend by adding Hadoop integration to the family in the form of its latest solution: PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop.

Hadoop, an open-source software framework for processing data, has gained huge traction as organisations seek new ways to handle data growth and gain valuable information.

According to the Fujitsu, its integration creates a ‘powerful and scalable’ platform that analyses large volumes of data and provides business users with a more cost-effective way of creating actionable analytics.

PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop combines pre-configured and pre-tested hardware with open-source software, system support and lifecycle management.

“Customers choose integrated systems to cut project time and eliminate uncertainty,” said Ayman Abouseif, VP product marketing, Fujitsu Global Marketing. “This approach is quicker and significantly less risky than trying to integrate components on your own.

“Fujitsu is adding an instantly-recognisable name, PRIMEFLEX, to frame an already comprehensive line-up of integrated systems.

“The PRIMEFLEX family runs from virtualisation to cloud, from ERP to in-memory, from Microsoft to SAP, and from big data to high performance computing (HPC), and we’ll be adding more in early 2015.”

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