Funding towards new cloud programming language reaches $20m

Wing Cloud, led by AWS and Microsoft veterans, has announced seed funding of $20m, which will help develop a new programming language for cloud computing

The seed round for emerging Tel Aviv start-up Wing Cloud was led by Battery Ventures, Grove Ventures, and StageOne Ventures; with participation from Cerca Partners, Operator Partners and Secret Chord Ventures.

In addition, angel investors include Datadog president Amit Agarwal, and HashiCorp co-founder and CTO Armon Dadgar.

Alongside development of its Winglang programming language, a commercial visual cloud management solution is set to be launched in private beta mode.

Wing Cloud was established in April 2022 by CEO Elad Ben-Israel — who created many open source cloud projects such as the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), and CDK for Kubernetes (CDK8s) — alongside investor and ex-Microsoft developer, COO Shai Ber.

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“We’re abstracting away a lot of the gritty details of building applications on top of cloud infrastructure,” said Ben-Israel.

“The cloud has evolved into an incredibly powerful computing platform, but customers still find themselves having to deal with burdensome tasks across security, networking, deployment and operations to build and manage even the simplest systems.”

Barak Schoster, venture partner at Battery Ventures, commented: “By leveraging Winglang, teams can focus on creating value for their customers instead of on tedious cloud mechanics. It provides cloud developers with a simple experience as if they were building monolithic applications, without having to compromise on the scalability, availability, and flexibility the cloud has to offer.

“As an industry, we’ve had a lot of good ideas such as DevOps and serverless, but have never made it simple enough for engineers and the companies they work for to truly embrace these methodologies. I believe the vision behind Wing Cloud has the power to change that.”

Overcoming cloud complexity

Winglang, the coding language being developed by Wing Cloud, is designed to unify cloud infrastructure and application code into a single model.

The Winglang compiler produces a ready-to-deploy package that includes both infrastructure-as-code definitions for Terraform from HashiCorp and AWS CloudFormation, among other cloud provisioning engines.

Node.js code is also included, designed to run on compute platforms such as AWS Lambda, Kubernetes, or edge platforms.

Compatible across AWS, Azure, GCP and Kubernetes among other cloud environments, developers can use the language to build distributed systems that leverage cloud infrastructure, and overcome complexity.

Research from Sentry and SlashData reveals that unclear boundaries between cloud application and infrastructure ownership is the most common challenge reported by software engineers.


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