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Magic Quadrant for Corporate Performance Management 2005 Gartner(November 2005)
http://www.hyperion.com/downloads/company/ gartner_mq_cpm_nov05.pdf

Worldwide Business Performance Management and Financial Analytic Applications 2005-2009 IDC
http://www.hyperion.com/company/news/ industry_analyst/

Developing a BI Strategy for CRM/ERP Data TDWI Report Series (October 2004)
http://www.hyperion.com/company/news/ industry_analyst/

OLAP Vendor Market Shares The OLAP Report

The Financial Impact of Business Analytics IDC

Grading BI Reporting and Analysis Solutions Forrester Research (August 2004)

Scalability Requirements for BI Platforms Ventana Research

Enterprise Reporting and Dashboard Assessment Meta Group (March 2005)

The Convergence of Compliance and Performance Management CFO Research Services

Further reading in Information Age

  • Information Age Advisory Series on BI (June 2005)
    http://www.infoconomy.com/pages/ industry-reports/group107360.adp
  • OLAP of the gods (December 2005)
  • Master plan (November 2005
  • Compact slicing and dicing (October 2005)
  • Scanning intelligence (October 2005)
  • On target (July 2005)
  • The democratisation of BI (June 2005)
  • Performance optimisation (June 2005)
  • The real-time warehouse (June 2005)
  • The Insight providers (June 2005)
  • Books

    Chief Performance Officer: Measuring what matters, managing what can be measured
    By Anthony Politano (2003)

    A coherent argument for a new seat at the management table: a performance officer who takes the burden of implementing and running a business performance programme from the CFO, CFO and CIO.
    Buy the book

    On the Up and Up: Achieving breakthrough performance through insight
    By Jeff Rodek et al (2004)

    Written around the twin themes of business performance management and corporate governance, this Hyperion-published book delivers solid insight and value by tapping into the experience of business heads across multiple industry sectors.

    The Strategy Gap: Leveraging technology to execute winning strategies
    By Michael Coveney, Dennis Ganster, Brian Hartlen and Dave King (2003)

    The book, [written by the ex-management team at Comshare], is corporate performance management (CPM) in action: it guides the reader through the CPM approach and the technology required to build a CPM infrastructure.
    Buy the book

    Performance Management: Finding the missing pieces (to close the intelligence gap
    By Gary Cokins (2004

    Written by an SAS Institute strategist, reviews praised it for bringing clarity to the theory and the practice of performance management. Buy the book

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