The golden age of software demands a perfect consumer experience: Jyoti Bansal, CEO, AppDynamics

Founded in 2008, AppDynamics sprung up to serve the small number of 'software-defined businesses' that used complex applications at the time, helping them combine application development and analytics insight. Today, Bansal believes we are in the midst of a software revolution that will soon become central to enterprise in every industry sector, so that every business will benefit from driving intelligence and agility into the applications their organisation relies on.

As the software revolution happening in the consumer world trickles down to transform the world of business, the challenge for companies will be delivering the seamless experience that their customers expect and demand.

But what happens if that experience around software is less than perfect? Bansal explains the consequences for businesses.

From an internal point of view, software is driving a skills shift where companies need the internal expertise to develop their own consumer-facing apps.

Bansal thinks that new software development methods like agile and DevOps will soon become the standard models for working in this emerging software-defined world, as the complexity and rate of change in apps filters into even the most traditional industries.

And CIOs will also need to ensure they're monitoring the experience they're delivering, as an intrinsic part of the development life cycle.


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