How GPS tracking could save your company money

However, while GPS has made getting from A to B easier, it has also made it easier for companies to keep track of their employees and so more and more businesses are utilising satellite technology to improve the productivity of their staff and save money. Here are a few ways investing in a GPS system could save your company cash.

1. GPS helps you to track your vehicles

Whether you are a logistics company, handle your own deliveries or require staff to use your vehicles for other reasons, a good quality GPS tracking system can help you to keep track of your vehicles. This can help locate your company vehicles in the event of theft which could save you thousands in insurance claims. The trackable maps make life more difficult than ever for thieves and vehicle racketeers. Simply pass on the location to the police and they will be able to recover your vehicle.

2. It can help you keep customers informed

If you are responsible for delivering products to customers or on behalf of them then the GPS system helps you to keep track of exactly where it is. You can combine it with a barcode system and send customers tracking details or simply locate the delivery vehicle on request. Keeping customers up to date helps build trust and encourages them to regard your business as reliable. It also reduces the risk of losses which could force you to have to pay clients compensation and lose future customers. Trust is everything in business and customer loyalty goes hand in hand with trust.

3. It can help you to keep track of your employees

 When you have company vehicles, you rely on your staff to treat them well, only use them for work and only go where they are supposed to. Unfortunately before GPS tracking there was no way of knowing whether employees were doing what they should be. However, GPS helps you to keep track of where your employees are via the vehicle.

It also helps you to ensure they take the quickest route to their destination and as they know they are being tracked, they are less likely to go off track or attempt to use the vehicle for their own personal requirements outside work. Furthermore, it helps keep your employees safe because if the vehicle is involved in an accident or breakdown, by using the tracking system, you will know exactly where to find them.

The biggest savings for most companies comes via better fuel efficiency and fewer miles driven as employees drive better routes and more closely follow speed limits.

There are several tracking systems available but they vary in quality and price. It is important to choose one with excellent security to avoid breaches of data and ensure locations are only shared with relevant parties. Turtler GPS tracking is a good choice for new and established businesses as it boasts best-in-class security features and even uniquely enables embedding public tracking maps on your own website.

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