A guide to working in the Boston tech scene

In continuation of our series exploring tech hubs around the world, we take a look at what the tech scene in Boston, Massachusetts has to offer

“Boston is just a village, sprawling far and wide, more human than New York City.”

German philosopher Frederick Engels wrote those famous words back in the 19th century, but his quote still rings true today. Boston is a city of contradictions.

It feels like a small town with all the perks of city life. The metro area has everything that tech employees could want, such as excellent healthcare and great transport, while still having friendly neighbourhoods and independent bars and coffee shops.

It’s academic, yet fanatical. Sure, Harvard and MIT are the brains of the metropolitan area, but no one can deny that the heart of this place is the sports stadiums such as Fenway Park and TD Garden.

It is historic, but ever-evolving. The city on the hill is home to some of the most important historical sites in the US while also having a vibrant and cutting-edge tech scene that is at the very forefront of innovation.

This melting pot of diversity and creativity makes the Boston tech scene one of the most exciting ecosystems in the world. Here’s everything you need to know about its top tech sectors.


Healthtech is a booming sector in Boston. In fact, Boston’s healthcare and social assistance industries account for over 18% of total employment. Five of the 10 largest employers in the city are hospitals.

In addition to this, over 550 biotech and drug development companies do business in Massachusetts, with close to 1,400 drugs in development.

A key healthtech employer is Novartis. This Swiss multinational healthcare company’s headquarters in Boston is home to research in the areas of oncology, ophthalmology and cardiovascular and metabolic-related diseases. You can find out more about them here.


Residents of Massachusetts are regarded as some of the most educated in the country. The state is home to some of the top graduate business schools including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bentley University, Boston College, and Boston University.

It’s really not surprising that edtech is a key employer in the area. Some exciting companies that have sprang up in recent years include edX, Evertrue, Panorama Education and NewGlobe.

NewGlobe supports national and state governments by creating powerful technology-enabled education systems. They do this by gathering and applying data-driven learning improvements across every aspect of the education system. You can browse their open roles on the Information Age jobs board.

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Finance has a rich history in Boston. From trading tea in the 17th century to mutual funds in the 20th century, the city has always been at the forefront of change and this is reflected in the thriving fintech sector within the area today.

According to a report by EY, there are 350 Fintech startups headquartered in Massachusetts, with the number increasing year on year. These exciting new companies are finding ways to collaborate with the city’s established financial services sector, which includes major companies such as Bank of America and Fidelity Investments.

One Boston-based company to keep an eye out for is Netcapital. Founded in 2014, Netcapital is a Fintech company that allows users to easily invest in private companies. Entrepreneurs can simply advertise their companies to investors who can put down as little as $99 to purchase a slice of equity. You can explore their open roles here.


Boston has become a hub for robotics over the past few decades, thanks to the nearby technical universities such as MIT. According to Built in Boston, the city is home to an impressive 59 robotics companies, which is a huge number given its geographical size.

The surge of robotic startups in the city, such as Boston Dynamics and iRobot, is also a direct result of the amount of investors in the area. In fact, Boston ranks third in the world in terms of venture capital investment.

We can’t talk about the robotics scene in Boston without mentioning Realtime Robotics. Founded in 2016, this exciting start-up is transforming automation by enabling machines to recognise, respond and decide how and where to move in milliseconds, even in variable environments. You can find out more about their ground-breaking work here.

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