A guide to working in the Eindhoven tech scene

Continuing with our series exploring innovative tech hubs around the world, we take a look at what the Eindhoven tech scene has to offer

Eindhoven might not be the first place that you think of when you picture European tech hubs. However, the Dutch city is keen to make a name for itself as a key player in the world market. What the city lacks in size (there are around 223,000 residents based on the last census), it makes up for in big-name companies and institutions.

Philips and Eindhoven already go hand-in-hand, but this city is also home to lots of other notable tech companies such as ASML, Carbyon and Sirius Medical. And, when large companies set up shop, jobs follow, which is why in recent years, Eindhoven has become such a popular choice for tech professionals from around the world.

Sure, there are plenty of exciting career opportunities, but outside the 9-5, it is also a really pleasant place to live.

The cost of living in Eindhoven is cheaper than in other European cities such as London, Paris, or even Amsterdam. The weather usually sits at a balmy 30 degrees in summer, but you’ll also get a proper winter. And there is a vibrant and welcoming community of workers from around the world based in the city.

Check out some open roles below, and there are many more on the Information Age Job Board too!

Web development

Eindhoven is synonymous with engineering and web development. The city is actually in the Brainport region, an area that is home to over 5,000 tech and IT companies. In Brainport, companies, governments, and educational institutions work together to solve problems and develop the web solutions that we will be using in the future.

Top companies to look out for include Verum Software Tools and Sioux Technologies. ICT Group, a leading industrial technology solutions and services provider, is also located here. The company is currently recruiting for a Junior Software Engineer role. The right candidate will work in multidisciplinary teams and will need experience creating real-time applications with embedded operating systems such as Linux, VxWorks, RTOS, or Windows. You can read the full job specification here.


Eindhoven has a rich history in electronics with consumer giant Phillips founded in the city way back in 1891. Since then, a lot has changed, but Eindhoven still has a strong design and development ecosystem. Today, the focus is shifting more and more to micro- and nano-electronics.

On that note, Applied Micro Electronics (AME) currently has engineering opportunities, including an opening for a CAM Engineer. AME is an independent developer and manufacturer of high-quality electronic products, and is seeking an individual who can make a significant contribution in the preparation phase of manufacturing of high-quality mechanical parts. You’ll be responsible for designing and validating the programs that will be used in mechanical production activities, including the necessary production documentation. Want to know more? Get all the details here.


According to the Holland International Distribution Council website, The Netherlands has the highest concentration of logistics service providers in Europe. Eindhoven is the perfect base for technology-driven logistics companies, thanks to its central location in Europe and highly educated workforce. Top companies to look out for include ChainCargo, Aramex, and Kuehne+Nagel.

Want to work in this sector? HQ Pack is hiring. While it is not a logistics company, it helps the sector to succeed as one of the world’s leading high-tech packaging companies. HQ Pack’s headquarters are based in Eindhoven but it also has offices in Malaysia and California. Right now, there is a Global Manager Engineering role up for grabs. To apply, you will need ten years’ experience, excellent remote management skills, and full proficiency in both Dutch and English. Read more here.

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR)

More and more companies are using both AR and VR in their everyday work. For example, manufacturing companies are using virtual reality to design new buildings, products, or machines. Museums are using AR to recreate past worlds and attract more visitors. As a key technology hub, Eindhoven is right at the centre of these developments.

Manus is an “industry-leading immersive Metaverse technology developer” — according to its Twitter page. The company specialises in finger and body tracking for motion capture and virtual reality. The team currently needs a Customer Support Associate who can help customers and build relationships. The ideal candidate will have perfect English and be familiar with high-tech products. You can take a look at the full job spec here.

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