Hackers claim Monsanto strike

Hacktivist group anonymous has claimed to have stolen the names, addresses, email contacts and phone numbers of over 2,500 employees of agricultural biotechnology giant Monsanto.

The group said it waged a two month campaign against the company to expose information about its business practices. Monsanto is the world’s largest producer genetically modified seeds, and sells the controversial pesticide "RoundUp".

Last month, Anonymous claimed to have successfully launched a distributed denial of service attack against the company, posting a video of how it did so on YouTube. That video link, along with links to documents concerning the company’s conduct, was published on PasteBin, Anonymous’ favoured site for publishing untraceable documents.

In a statement announcing yesterday’s incident, Anonymous said it is "in the process of setting up a wiki, to try and get all collected information in a more centralised and stable environment."

Monsanto has yet to comment on the incident.

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