Harvard Engineering deploys a BI dashboard


Harvard Engineering today announced it has implemented a business intelligence (BI) dashboard to drive enhanced performance and visibility of key performance indicators (KPIs).

The Intuitive Dashboard solution from Intuitive Business Intelligence integrates with Harvard’s existing business systems, including its supply chain management solution and Microsoft Access databases.

As a result of the implementation, the company said it benefits from greater visibility of its finance, sales and production KPIs, empowering the executive team and staff with fast access to accurate performance data, presented in a meaningful, easy-to-use visual format.

Harvard previously shared KPI information via spreadsheets, and key sales information was displayed via whiteboards within its offices. However, the new solution means critical performance metrics, including daily, weekly and monthly sales figures and cumulative achievement, are now interactively displayed via video monitors, offering an accurate dashboard view of the company’s performance.

By delivering proactive alerts to potential variances and shortfalls, as well as highlighting trends, users are able to take fast action to maintain performance levels and maximise opportunities, the company said.

“It is my belief that what is measured gets done, so it’s imperative that staff have an accurate view of achievement that they can interpret easily and act on,” said John McDonnell, Managing Director of Harvard Engineering.

“Intuitive Dashboards not only delivers ultra-fast access to information to those who need it most within our business, but we now have the reassurance that any decisions taken are based on a single version of the truth.”

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