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European consultants at Sapient, the e-services group, have undoubtedly been unsettled by the company's decision to sack 390 people and cut costs by moving much of its workforce to India.

But when worried employees next wake in the middle of the night, jaws aching from teeth-grinding and covered in cold sweat, they can rest assured that their bosses have discovered the cure for their ills.

No, Sapient is not raising employee wages. But it has done surely the next best thing by enlisting the help of French-UK health services group Vielife to provide staff with an intranet-based ‘health and well-being management' programme. The service, we are told, delivers individually tailored advice on "sleep, stress, nutrition and physical activity".

Whether it will do much to improve Sapient's health is another matter. In 2001, the company plunged €216.8 million into the red.

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