The hottest jobs in data science right now

Data science has become an extremely popular professional field in recent years. Now more than ever, companies want to gather information about their customers; and they need professionals who can turn this large amount of data into useful information that will benefit the business.

Data scientists are responsible for pulling together and analysing an organisation’s data in order to help make informed decisions. Data scientists work with many departments within organisations, from IT, to human resources and management. So what kind of roles are on offer in this exciting industry?

We’ve put together a list of some of the hottest jobs in data science right now, and what you need to know about them…

Database manager

According to Indeed, a database manager works to “maintain an organisation’s databases, including diagnosing and correcting issues, streamlining information and reporting”. They also help to identify the proper hardware and software systems for their company’s needs.

Data analyst

Data analysts gather, analyse large amounts of data for companies, and make recommendations based off their findings. They can work in a variety of industries — including healthcare, IT, professional sports and finance — to improve processes, reduce costs, identify trends and enhance efficiency.

Data modeller

Data modellers are systems analysts who design computer databases that translate complex business data into usable computer systems. Data modellers work with data architects to design databases that meet organisational needs using conceptual, logical, and physical data models.

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Machine learning engineer

A machine learning engineer is the person in IT who focuses on researching, building and designing self-running artificial intelligence systems to automate predictive models. Machine learning engineers design and create the AI algorithms capable of learning and making predictions that define machine learning.

Business intelligence developer

Business intelligence developers create systems and programs for an organisation that allows users to find and interact with the information they need. This can include dashboards, search functions, data modelling and data visualisation applications. BI developers must have a thorough understanding of data science and user experience best practices.

If you reckon you tick the boxes for success in one of these jobs, then head on over to our job board and check out the data science opportunities now.

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