How to childproof a smartphone

Time and time again, child safety experts, organisations and websites have highlighted the risks associated with allowing kids an early and unsupervised access to web-connected devices.

Despite being aware of the potential danger, parents often struggle to find a viable and reliable solution. Revoking children’s internet and smartphone privileges is an option, but is not likely to go down well if all their friends have them.

One company has taken on the issue by creating an app that remotely monitors mobile devices. Mobistealth is designed to facilitate parents in protecting their children from the many pitfalls of smartphones.

Kids are able to access all sort of stuff on the web via their smartphones, including pornographic and violent content, but Mobistealth allows parents to monitor their children’s entire browsing history in order to keep it clean.

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The app also offers a feature that records all calls made on a child’s smartphone and uploads them to an online panel that parents can monitor to ensure their kids aren’t talking to strangers they have met online.

Parents can even view all the installed apps on their children’s smartphones, and block inappropriate ones, as well as access all SMS conversations.

Meanwhile, location tracking allows parents to know where their kids are at all times. This feature also helps locate a smartphone that a child may have carelessly left somewhere, or lost, along with all private data.

For parents that wish to monitor their children’s entire digital footprint, Mobistealth will provide them with what they need. They should keep in mind, however, that children who wish to escape the gaze of their parents could seek to secretly obtain an alternative smartphone to carry out actions that aren’t monitored.

Information Age does not condone the use of this app in any other context than a parent-child relationship, or if the child is not made privy to the existence of the app on his or her smartphone.

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