How to prep for a remote interview and land the tech job of your dreams

The global pandemic has been raging for just over 12 months now in the UK and a lot has changed since we first went into lockdown. We have entered into a “new normal”, and we’re all getting used to it — the remote interview is part of this new normal.

One of the main things that has altered is the way in which we all work. The vast majority of people have been asked, where possible, to work from home. This also, of course, means that people interviewing for jobs are also doing so remotely. No doubt, this can be a rather unsettling experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

We decided to put together a list of pointers that will help you to prepare for your remote interview, and ultimately land you your dream tech job (we have our fingers crossed for you!)

Prepare as normal

At the end of the day, you need to treat this interview as you would any real life job interview. Prepare in the same way you would if you were to be interviewed. Do your research, and learn about the company that you are applying for a job. Check out the company background, major news (stuff like funding rounds etc) and the person with whom you will be interviewing. All the stuff you’d do if you were heading into the office for an interview.

Clean up

The last thing you want is to seem unprofessional when setting up for a remote interview. Yes, we mean the mess that seems to just appear when working from home. Make sure the space you use is tidy and free of clutter. Keep your background businesslike, clean and preferably neutral if possible — but also if it’s not possible, don’t over think that part too much (we can’t always control the wallpaper around us). If your desk will be showing, organize the top neatly and get rid of any clutter. Not only will it be more professional, but you won’t be easily distracted by things in the space. A win, win.

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Dress for the occasion

Listen, we’re all working from home in our “comfortable clothes” at the moment, hell I’m in pyjama bottoms as I write this, but interviews are the exception. Dress appropriately. The point is to blend in with the culture of the company, but use caution to neither underdress nor overdress. Stay away from clothing with logos and splashy patterns because it can be distracting, and the hiring manager will want to concentrate on what you have to say and whether you are a good fit for the company and job. Dust off those clothes in your wardrobe that haven’t seen the light of day since March 2020.

Your tech

Given the fact that you’re applying for a role in tech, this one may not be an issue, but it’s worth noting. Make sure you have a solid internet connection for your interview. Do a test run if possible, where you can ensure your camera, your microphone and your wifi are all working well. But don’t fret too much if technical difficulties occur during the interview — these are sometimes unavoidable.

Timing is key

When planning a remote interview, don’t assume anyone is in the same time zone as you. Mention your time zone using the correct terminology, and throw in the correct difference from UTC, GMT, or your counterpart’s time zone. Look up these details to make sure you get them right. Keep in mind that daylight saving time affects some locations but not others. The last thing you need is to accidentally arrange an interview for 5am.

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