How to Stay Operational and Secure During an Outbreak

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt organisations of all sizes in most industries, businesses need to prioritise how they can remain operational and connected, while remaining secure in a long-term remote working environment.

Before the Covid-19 outbreak most employees would be working from the office. Now, the vast majority are working from home. This mass remote working environment and the speed at which the digital workplace has become a necessity is not something most businesses have been preparing for and it has led to a significant business challenge –– the expanded distribution of IT has created an unprecedented explosion of endpoints, ripe for malicious targeting from threat actors.

Working from home on this scale has ultimately caused a huge strain of existing and new problems for IT administrators to deal with; capacity, pace of change and new cyber threats to name but a few.

To find out how your organisation can remain operational and secure during the coronavirus outbreak and beyond, download this webinar from SonicWall in partnership with Information Age.

Download now to gain actionable best practices to:

  • Expand your remote workforce securely
  • Defend against fear-based cyberattacks
  • Establish a true remote office for employees
  • Gain additional operational benefits
  • Learn how to apply learnings to critical business continuity and disaster recovery plans
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