Have you heard? Hybrid cloud is the ideal IT model

According to a recent survey, from Nutanix, Inc., undertaken by Vanson Bourne, looking at organisations’ plans for adopting private, hybrid and public clouds, 91% of enterprises surveyed state hybrid cloud as the ideal model, but only 19% have that model today.

The findings also revealed that application mobility across any cloud is a top priority with 88% of respondents saying it would “solve a lot of my problems.”

Respondents of the survey feel public cloud is not a panacea; 23% consider the ability to match applications to the right cloud environment as a critical capability. Furthermore, 16% ranked the ability to move applications back and forth between clouds as a primary benefit of the hybrid approach.

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Hybrid cloud better addresses business needs over the single public cloud, including the price tag: 87% of respondents said that hybrid cloud was having a positive impact on their businesses, and more hybrid cloud users reported all their needs were being met (49%) compared to single public cloud users (37%).

Ben Gibson, chief marketing officer for Nutanix, said: “As enterprises demand stronger application mobility and interoperability, they are increasingly choosing hybrid cloud infrastructure.”

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While the advent of public cloud has increased IT efficiency in certain areas, hybrid cloud capabilities are the next step in providing the freedom to dynamically provision and manage applications based on business needs. However, the findings of this study reveal an important gap in the market: organisations need IT talent to manage their hybrid cloud models, especially in the next 12 to 24 months.”

EMEA is expected to surpass the Americas with hybrid cloud adoption: UK businesses, in particular, plan to decrease data centre workloads by more than half in the next two years, and double use of hybrid clouds.

The survey resulted in approximately 2,300 respondents from multiple industries, business sizes and geographies in the Americas; Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA); and Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) regions.

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