IT saves the world

Every month, the offices at Information Age receive a deluge of press releases, all purporting to detail the most significant advance in IT history. Not all of the claims being made stand up to closer scrutiny however. This month, we have decided to publish some of the more outlandish ones. 

Mad Cow Disease drives business process management system (BPMS) adoption
So has bovine spongiform encephalopathy really prompted CIOs across the globe to implement business process management systems? Open source software maker, Intalio, clearly thought so. In reality, while one arm of the Dutch Agri-cultural cabinet has introduced BPMS software to help it track disease in farm stock, further outbreaks of the technology remain unconfirmed.

Technology to make UK universities safe again
Over the years, undergraduates have used all manner of excuses for failing to attend lectures; staying in bed because ‘the campus is unsafe’ is a new one. In fact, Chronicle Solutions had other visions for protecting students: according to its publicity material, Internet monitoring could free universities from the dangers of Islamic extremists within. Shame, the vision of intelligent cyborgs patrolling the corridors sounded so much more appealing.

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