IT staff: demand and salaries tumble

Good news for managers, but not for IT staff. Most IT salaries will remain flat in 2003, according to IT recruitment agency Elan. In a difficult market, Elan says that, once again, the most expensive contractors, or permanent staff, are specialists in implementing complex packages such as SAP.

Meanwhile, the number of IT job vacancies in the UK continues to decline – by 38% in the last three months of 2002 according to the CWJobs UK Quarterly Regional IT Skills Index. The decline has resulted in some alarmingly thin issues of the leading IT recruitment newspapers.


IT skills in demand
Job/skill   Hourly rate   Salary  
1. PC support £15 £19,000
2. Senior PC support £19 £23,000
3. Project manager £35 £40,500
4. Business analyst £35 £40,900
5. Oracle developer £25 £27,000
6. Visual basic £27 £27,000
7. Systems tester £27 £30,000
8. Unix systems administrator £35 £40,000
9. Network support engineer £25 £30,000
10. SAP consultant £42 £45,500
*Average figures, excluding London (5% – 15%)

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