IT staff prone to emigrate

The prospects of the UK’s IT sector may be under threat from emigration. Research by IT staffing firm Computer People found that 71% of technology workers are considering working overseas.

Furthermore, concern about unemployment is creating a climate of uncertainly: 92% of the IT workers surveyed said they were actively seeking new work or at least monitoring the job market. Perhaps even more worrying was the finding that many IT workers are considering changing career: 39% of permanent and 35% of contract workers are thinking of switching to another profession.

The study noted that job security has become paramount: the number of respondents rating it as ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important rose by 20% in 2008 to 77%.

Savvy IT employers can use this to their advantage, suggests Nick Detmarr, managing director of Computer People. “Employers who are willing to demonstrate a commitment to their employees and a progressive approach to the challenges of today’s working environment have the potential to retain and attract the best candidates as they prepare for the upturn,” he said.

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