Jaguar Land Rover expands digital reach

In today’s digital era, global brands like Jaguar Land Rover are rolling out new digital content such as images, brochures and video almost daily. The challenge is how to distribute it in an automated fashion so every local agency in every country has the latest content.

Spark44, the global digital advertising agency for Jaguar Land Rover, has implemented a managed AWS solution using Datapipe’s expertise to help it distribute digital content to 16 countries around the world, improving the speed in which new promotions can be rolled out to markets and ensuring consistency of deployment.

Jaguar Land Rover’s advertising agency has migrated to the public cloud to transform its delivery of global marketing campaigns and shed legacy infrastructure.

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Migrating its legacy infrastructure to the public cloud has given Spark44 the ability to manage and control digital assets consistently across the world.

With 18 offices in 16 countries spread globally, Spark44 found that distributing materials and content to local agencies had become increasingly challenging. The aim of the partnership is to help develop and improve demand creation programs globally.

In the digital era content is in a continuous cycle of updates and refreshes that change almost daily. As a result, businesses need a platform that maximise its ability to deploy content globally.

In Spark44’s case, its legacy infrastructure had become a significant hurdle for the business. By migrating its infrastructure onto AWS’ public cloud the advertiser has overcome the challenge.

Spark44 decided that the public cloud was the best solution for its requirements, but without the expertise to migrate and manage a public cloud infrastructure it needed a partner.

Datapipe developed a new global content management and distribution platform utilising three AWS regional sites – the master site in Europe and satellite sites in North America, and APAC. The solution has given Spark44 the ability to support customer demands by improving not only the speed in which new promotions or campaigns are rolled out to the markets, but also the consistency of the agency’s global deployment.

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Tony Connor, head of EMEA marketing at Datapipe said, “Spark44’s migration to the public cloud demonstrates the impact of cloud technology on businesses looking to modernise and expand. Legacy infrastructure is a challenge that holds back many businesses.” With the right partnership, “businesses can overcome barriers to successful digital transformation. Spark44 now has everything in place to distribute its content globally using our fully scalable solution.”

Moving to the public cloud has meant that Spark44 can automate processes that were previously manual, and it has the resilience and scalability to cope with increased customer demands for tracked campaigns and in-depth analysis of results. This has set the agency up for future success and growth as its infrastructure is now built for scale.

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