January 2002

Cover story:
House of Cards
Customer loyalty schemes are the backbone of CRM. But how do organisations ensure they are effective? more…

Private members’ club
The case for building a private trading exchange is compelling – but the costs and complexities are not. Who can afford to build a PTX, and how should they go about it? more…

Knowledge confusion
Knowledge management often fails to deliver an acceptable return on investment. What are the critical strategies that organisations need to implement to make it pay? more…

Database dilemmas
Open source databases have developed fast in recent years. But are they now ready to take on IBM, Oracle and Microsoft? more…

Companies are failing to fully exploit customer-centric computing, says Kenny MacIver. more…

INSIDER — updates and downloads
Highlights, facts and inside stories from the frontiers of the information economy.
Vigilante warns of ‘wacky’ attacks
2002: the year ahead
Windows XP sales disappoint
Infoconomy Index: IT industry accelerates in reverse
2001: year of the virus, says MessageLabs report
Robots to Invade UK Sewers

Feedback, opinion, amplification, clarification, corrections. more…

PERSPECTIVE — technology, strategy and financial analysis
War of the worlds

Where do IT and marketing conflict, and how can organisations foster a relationship between the two that will benefit the company as a whole? more…

The Information Age interview
Kevin Lloyd, chief technology officer at Barclays. more…

A monthly look at the burgeoning e-marketplace sector.
Standards, liquidity, consolidation, e-government
E-sourcing: software, services or both?

Tough cookies

What will the EU’s stance on Internet cookies mean for web site operators? more…

REPORT CARD — company analysis
A round up of the strategic and business issues facing key suppliers in the information technology industry.
Siebel Systems
Guardian IT
Lawson Software

PROSPECTUS — companies to watch
A guide to the products and strategies of some of the youngest and fastest growing companies in the global technology industry.
Scale Eight

FINANCIAL REPORT — financial results
Highlights and comment relating to the quarterly results of the main suppliers of information technology.
Data management software
Business applications/supply chain software
3Com’s nadir
Novell’s false dawn

UNDER OFFER — mergers and acquisitions
The important deals in the global IT industry in recent weeks, and emerging consolidation trends.
Enterprise Resource Planning
L&H finally finds a new home

INFORMATION UNIT — industry trends
Information Unit tracks the key trends affecting the global information economy and analyses the evolution of technology in corporations worldwide.
Web services
Supply chain management
IT services
Hosting services
Call centre technology
Application integration

Reviews of the latest technology business books
The Agenda
One to One B2B
B2B and Beyond

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