John McAfee detained in Guatemala

John McAfee, founder of the anti-virus company that bears his name. was arrested in Guatemala yesterday for illegally entering the country.

McAfee is on the run from authorities in Belize, where he is wanted for questioning in relation to the murder of his neighbours.

According to Reuters news report, Francisco Cuevas, a spokesman for the Guatemalan government, said that McAfee would be expelled to Belize and that he expects the process to be completed on Thursday morning.

However, Fernando Lucero, a spokesman for Guatemala’s immigration department, said immediate deportation had been ruled out, according to the report. 

McAfee is currently being detained in a small cell guarded by police, the report said. After being given permission to use one of the jail warden’s computer, McAfee wrote in a blog post that he had unsuccessfully made a request to the American Embassy to be returned to the US.

In a later blog post, McAfee said his lawyer Telesforo Guerra had made a request for the case to be postponed until it can be a reviewed by a higher judge.

“My lawyer just brought a judge to the jail and the judge issued a stay order until a higher judge can review the case,” wrote McAfee. “This effectively stops immigration from returning me to the Belize border."

On Tuesday, a photograph featuring McAfee and a Vice magazine journalist was published on the publication’s website. The medata for the photograph revealed McAfee’s location. "Yesterday was chaotic due to the accidental release of my exact co-ordinates by an unseasoned technician at Vice headquarters," McAfee wrote yesterday.

McAfee, who has lived in Belize since 2008, went on the run in November after his neighbour, Gregory Faull, was killed after being shot in the head near his home. He had submitted a formal complaint to Belize authorities earlier in the year accusing Faull of poisioning his dogs, and while not a prime suspect, was wanted by the police for questioning.

While he claims he is innocent, McAfee went on the run after claiming authorities in Belize want to frame him for murder. Belize’s prime minister has denied the claim, calling the 67-year-old “bonkers”.

Earlier this week, unconfirmed reports surfaced that McAfee had been arrested on the Guatemalan border. However, this turned out to be a ‘double’ travelling on a North Korean passport under McAfee’s name.

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