What are the key benefits of cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a growing trend that is used by many people and businesses these days. Why is this the case?

Cloud computing, basically, is where computing based online rather than your physical computer or server. There are many applications that we use every day that are based on cloud computing. Even going on social media sites like Facebook involves cloud computing.

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When you go onto Hotmail to check your emails or log onto your bank account to check your balance – it’s all down to the cloud. Even when you stream movies online, it is via the cloud. Some people don’t even realise that they are using cloud computing but they are. So, what are the main benefits of cloud computing?

Some of the top benefits for businesses

There are so many benefits to using cloud computing for businesses and consumers, which is why so many businesses and people have come to rely on it. Some of the key benefits of this technology include:

Improved accessibility: With cloud computing you are accessing information from the cloud and not from a particular server or device. This means that you can access it from any device and from anywhere. Whether you are a remote worker that needs to share information with colleagues or a personal user that wants to get online and check emails, it can all be done thanks to the increased accessibility.

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Recovery of data: If you lose a laptop or device, there may be information that you cannot recover because it was on the device, which has been lost or stolen. However, if the information is on the cloud you can still recover that data from any device as long as you can get online.

Automatic updating: For businesses, one key benefit of using cloud computing is the ability to enjoy automatic updates. There are regular automatic software updates that are all taken care of, which means that there is one less thing for your business to have to take care of. It also means that businesses don’t have to worry about investing in costly servers and equipment onsite.

Remote working: For employees and employers, cloud computing has made it simple to work from anywhere. This means that employees can enjoy far greater flexibility and can work remotely from another site or from home. It also means that employers can share information with employees from other sites without emails being sent back and forth.

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Security of data: Both home and business users will know what a pain it can be when servers and systems go down, restricting access to information. If the information is on the cloud then this is an issue that you won’t have to worry about because the information you want will be safely stored on the cloud.

More and more businesses have been turning to cloud computing, which in turn provides consumers with huge benefits. Another great thing to remember is that it is even considered eco-friendly because the infrastructure scales on demand in line with your business needs.

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