Logica tracks efficiency initiative with energy dashboard 

IT consultancy Logica UK has a dedicated team investigating ways to reduce its carbon footprint, an initiative that has remained a priority despite the recession, according to head of environment and sustainability Tony Rooke. The company has reduced its carbon footprint by 25% in the past three years, Rooke says, and technology has played an important role in those improvements.

To track its progress, Logica developed a bespoke dashboard that reports on the energy efficiency of ongoing projects. The tool is currently being rolled out across the UK, and over the coming months will be available to all project managers, operational staff and senior management.

“The dashboard will pull together information about ongoing projects such as go-live dates and other key milestones, along with resources being used and dependencies between projects. The software then does the hard work of collating, analysing and distributing that data, and showing how each project is performing in terms of energy efficiency goals and where improvements could be made,” says Rooke. “The information isn’t new, but the dashboard massively reduces the overhead in gathering, slicing and analysing that data.”

Using the dashboard, Logica hopes that it will be able to see almost immediately if a project isn’t using resources efficiently and take steps to address the issue. “If managers are able to see where energy is being used, and where it’s being wasted, that enables them to make decisions more quickly. Obviously, that will improve energy efficiency, which has a knock-on financial impact on the business,” says Rooke.

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