The use of artificial intelligence and smart AI-based analytics in contact centres is making it possible to effectively monitor employee performance and customer satisfaction while making intelligent business decisions even in a work at home business landscape. As workers move their offices to their homes, it is ever more critical that manual operations become automated even as customer expectations of the services they receive continue to rise.

To take advantage of this digital revolution, where AI is transforming a mostly manual operational program into a fully automated and adaptive agent performance program that is proven to improve customer satisfaction metrics, traditional organisations need innovative partners to help them on their transformation journeys.

NICE NEXIDIA ENLIGHTEN, for example, improves customer and employee satisfaction by interpreting every interaction and transforming subjective agent behaviors into objective insights– consistently, accurately, with no bias, and no human effort. Operational results are easily visualized in any business intelligence tool. Alternatively, results can be viewed using the NICE NEXIDIA analytics, quality and performance management solutions with purpose-built dashboards, workflows, and reports for every role, aligning the entire organization to the same goals.

This solution provides unique insight from a massive data set by interpreting specific agent soft skill behaviours that influence customer sentiment. The advantage of these AI models is that, for the first time, agent behaviour can be scored accurately and objectively on every single interaction, no longer solely relying on subjective, random and ineffective human scoring.

What’s more, in today’s social distancing climate where workers are moving to work-from-home environments, the ENLIGHTEN behavioural models for driving customer satisfaction help leaders, managers and contact centre representatives wherever they are. Remote working situations are now easier to monitor, and everyone can remain engaged and focused on customers’ needs in trying times.

But, before the contact centre can embrace this technology and embark on a transformational journey, several questions need to be answered.