Microsoft faces more EC scrutiny

25 January 2005 The European Commission (EC) is set to scrutinise Microsoft’s attempts to comply with its antitrust ruling, amid concerns that the software maker is falling short of Brussels’ demands.

Microsoft’s rivals have consistently claimed that its attempts to comply with the European ruling are unsatisfactory. Now, according to reports in the Financial Times the Commission is to probe these claims further.

The EC could decide to impose even tougher penalties on Microsoft.

The EC fined Microsoft €497 million (£344 million) for monopolistic practices and ordered it to produce a version of the Windows operating system without its Media Player software in Europe.

In January 2005, the EC forced Microsoft to abandon plans to market its pared down operating system as the ‘Reduced Media Edition’ and also threatened fines of up to $5 million (£2.6 million) a day if the company stalled in implementing Brussels’ demands.

Microsoft said the new product would differ from Windows XP by adding another letter or putting ‘WMP not included Home Edition’ on the end. According to the FT, sources familiar with the case say these names are likely to meet Commission approval.”

Microsoft said it welcomed its rivals’ input despite expectations that this could include arguments that its royalty scheme may deter software competitors from licensing the information.

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