Microsoft shows off features of XP successor

30 January 2002 Microsoft is hoping to base its next operating system around a scaled down version of SQL Server, according to sources at the company. It will also have a new peer-to-peer networking capability as well as dynamic task panes for workgroup collaboration.

The Redmond-based software giant has long been hoping to include a relational database system in Windows as the basis for storing files – file systems, email boxes and other storage systems would become plug-ins for the database – but the company has encountered performance issues and has been unable to use the system so far. Internal roadmaps for its forthcoming operating systems, as well as demos shown to third parties, now include the scaled down SQL Server being incorporated in “Longhorn”, the successor to Windows XP.

Other features being shown in demos include a peer-to-peer networking facility for ad hoc collaboration, an upgraded version of the NetMeeting system integrated into the operating system, and dynamic task panes. Building on the Office XP task panes, which show common tasks, the dynamic task panes will offer stock tickers and workgroup collaboration features.

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