Microsoft touts enterprise features of Windows Phone 8

Microsoft announced the newest version of its Windows Phone mobile operating system last night, revealing a handful of features targeting enterprise users.

The new operating system (OS) will include built-in full-device encryption, as well as the United Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) secure boot protocol. UEFI is a replacement for the BIOS firmware interface and its secure boot protocol prevents an unauthorised OS booting up.

The OS will also ship with built-in remote management capability. "IT departments can manage apps and phones remotely, with tools similar to ones they now employ for Windows PCs," wrote Windows Phone design team leader, Joe Belfiore.

Individual companies will be able to create a customised app distribution hub, allowing them to manage custom-built apps and data.

Microsoft said that its ability to build in features "that companies and their IT departments demand is a benefit of sharing a common core with Windows 8". While this does not mean that the phone will be able to run desktop applications directly, it does mean that desktop apps will be easier to port to the mobile platform, Microsoft said.

One significant drawback is the lack of a Windows 8 software development kit (SDK), which will not be available until later this summer, making it harder for developers to build applications for the OS. Android and iOS mobile operating systems have both had SDKs available for years.

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