Mind the skills gap

UK IT professionals are at a distinct disadvantage to their US counterparts because they are less proficient at maths and logic, according to a survey by Scale 21, the working group set up by the UK technology industry and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to improve productivity.


Douglas Alexander,


In a study of 1,800 British computer professionals, Brits scored 10% less in aptitude tests than US counterparts, evidence which points to a growing skills gap in the UK, according to Scale 21. The UK respondents only scored 51% on average in arithmetic and 47% in logic tests – around 10% lower than US participants in both cases.

However, UK workers scored highly in classification, and the highest score (78%) in analogy construction – key systems design skills.

Douglas Alexander, the government's e-minister, did little to dispel the gloomy outlook. He predicts the skills chasm will grow by 7.5% a year for the next two years. For more information about Scale 21, go to www.scale21.org.uk.

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