Your mobile turf accountant and more

In days gone-by the only way of placing a little wager on a horse race was either to go to your local bookie (or turf accountant) or bet on the Tote if you actually went to the races to see the action live.

Mobile gambling is one of today’s fastest growing trends

The internet changed all that of course. Online gambling, whether it’s on the Gee-gees, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette or Video Slots, has become one of the nation’s favourite pastimes.

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But now, of course, it’s gone to the next level, and using your mobile or tablet to gain immediate access to your preferred online turf accountant or online casino, is one of the fastest growing trends in the leisure industry.

It hardly seems plausible that when they first came out, mobiles were invented just to allow you could make phone calls on-the- go. In those early days, that was basically all you could do. There wasn’t even a voicemail facility. But, my; how far we’ve come.

The development of mobile apps

Today, we use our mobiles for surfing the web, sending emails, taking and sending photographs, and, oh yes, talking to one another. But it is the development and explosion of mobile apps for iPhones and Smartphones that really changed the playing field.

Apps are small pieces of software designed specifically for mobile phones, and the race to develop new ones is a relentless one. Nowadays, there are apps for mobile banking, calendars, games and gaming, health and fitness, travel, and social networks to mention but a few.

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With the development of the Internet of Things plus specialised apps, you can now even program the machinery in your home, from anywhere, via your mobile.

Bet on any sport via your mobile

Apps fall into two types. Those designed to work on iPhones using iOS technology and those designed to work with Smartphones using Android technology. If we look at the gaming industry, in particular, the new apps that are available allow you to access a turf accountant on-the- hoof (pun fully intended) for placing a bet on a particular horse race; or playing any number of games at an online casino, even while you are commuting to and from work.

The choice of sports you can put a wager on via your mobile device is wide and varied. If for example, you take one of today’s top, modern, online casinos, the mobile casino; you’ll find everything from American and Aussie Rules Football to Yachting; with masses in-between including horse racing, of course, all there, easy to access and bet on. Just click onto the MrGreen Sportsbook review for a complete list.

The extent of our ability to enjoy leisure pursuits to the max

One of the measures of how civilised societies have become is how they treat their weaker members, but it’s also about their ability to enjoy leisure pursuits to the fullest extent too.

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On the worldwide stage, it is China that is leading the race regarding the gaming population. They have even overtaken the USA market. According to an article on the Games-Industry website, the global annual spend of the gaming community as a whole will reach a staggering $108.9 billion this year.

The transition from PC gaming to mobile gaming continues to increase

Mobile phones are leading the charge. While console gaming is standing its own, PC sales are steadily declining year on year. More and more people are using mobile devices, and the arrival of the latest apps that bring mobile gaming to the mobile community in such fabulous detail, with such high definition graphics, will only serve to speed-up the transition.


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