Mobile workers are more productive

Mobile workers are more productive than their desk-bound counterparts, according to a global research by the Economist Intelligence Unit Over 70% of the 1,500 workers surveyed consider access to mobile technology as either important or critical to success in their industry.

The capability to be more responsiveness to colleagues, better-informed and able to make decisions faster were highlighted as the strongest benefits of mobile working. In terms of the device and associated application, speed and reliability of connection were seen as the most important attributes, with affordability considered the least important.

Respondents who declared themselves "very satisfied" with their company's mobility policies reported consistently higher levels of productivity. However, while this encompassed a quarter of the sample, a further 26% were dissatisfied with the way their company tried to help them communicate when out of the office.

Increasingly, workers expect to spend less time at their desks, with only 11% predicting they would spend more time in the office in 2006. Contrastingly, 39% anticipate telecommuting from home and 42% expect to work while travelling on business.

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