How modern technology is advancing industry

Technology has advanced a lot in the last few decades. There have been numerous groundbreaking advancements that have revolutionised the way things are done. The internet is now an important part of any business. No brand can do business without being on the internet.

Computer software, big data analysis, fiber optics, drones, image recognition, artificial intelligence and others now have a big role to play in different industrial sectors. This article will examine how modern technology is helping various industrial sectors to advance.

Big data

Big data is disrupting a lot of industries. Banks and other organisations are using big data to understand consumer behavior in a bid to serve customers better. Big data is helping industries to manage resources better and helping workers to complete tasks faster. Shopping trends are now predictable, and retailers can make better recommendations to customers based on these trends.

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Research has been made better through big data, and millions of data can be searched or sifted in mere seconds. Patterns are now found in the most bizarre things, and lots of companies are using these patterns to make predictions. Adverts now target customers more effectively.


Drones have now found more industrial uses than ever before. They have become more than mere recreational toys. Online shopping giant Amazon is working on drone delivery systems. In some remote parts of Africa, drones are used to deliver medical supplies.

Drones are also used in hospitals to deliver supplies to various floors. Large warehouses are now being monitored by using drones. Farmers now use drones to monitor their farms and detect pests, diseased crops, and other important things faster. In the entertainment industry, drones are being used creatively to entertain people and form pyrotechnic displays.

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In the oil and gas sector, drones are used to monitor the environmental impact of various installations. Mining companies now use drones to survey mining operations and make better measurements. In the construction industry, drones are used to gauge topography, monitor construction progress and carry out ground surveying.

Image recognition

Image recognition is helping industry sectors to advance in numerous ways. Industries now use image recognition for facial recognition, surveillance, video analysis, driverless vehicles, augmented reality (AR) etc. For example, in the fashion industry, there are now apps that can capture images of people and give more information about the clothes those people are wearing.

The person can then decide to purchase the clothing items from online stores. People can point the camera of their smartphones to objects and purchase these objects online. Hotels and others in the hospitality section can now identify guests as they walk into their premises. This will help them improve their customer service.

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality has now become much more than an entertainment device. Companies are now using VR technology in various ways. In the real estate industry, some companies have VR solutions that allow potential home buyers walk through every aspect of a home and see every detail of the home right from their living room couch.

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Some fashion retailers now have VR solutions in their stores that allow people try on clothes virtually without needing to put the clothes on in the real world.

In the fitness industry, VR is also playing a big role. A lot of people don’t feel motivated to work out, but some companies have introduced VR apps that make workouts fun. These apps can make people enjoy the feel of boxing an opponent or climbing a rock right from their gym.

Some automobile manufacturers now produce VR experiences that allow people try out cars from the comfort of their homes. In the construction industry, clients can now see how their homes will look like after construction thanks to VR apps. Companies now conduct virtual reality interviews for potential employees. PCB designers are already using augmented reality (AR) to help them visualise designs better.


Modern technology is helping various organisations in different industries progress at a much faster rate. Speed is critical in today’s business world and thanks to technology, business is now conducted at the speed of thought.

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