IT salary guide: what’s your position worth?

How much is your tech position worth? Are you not getting paid enough? Read Morgan McKinley's IT salary guide here and find out.

Introducing Morgan McKinley‘s IT salary guide, Angela Lewis, client engagement lead for the company, said:

“As a whole, Brexit played more of a role in slowing down recruitment across the technology market throughout 2019 when compared to recent years.

“A lot of development hiring from banks and financial institutions within Java front office tech was focused on Foreign Exchange. Across infrastructure, contract hiring was relatively quiet for the DevOps/Cloud space into financial services, with firms placing an emphasis on permanent hiring.

“The upcoming changes to IR35 played a role in this, as companies started to introduce a two-year rule for contractors and attempted to convert them to permanent positions where possible. Test automation was a highly demanded skill set and those in this area, across both permanent and contract, were sought after. Many organisations built automation frameworks from scratch using selenium, thus a strong development background was essential, with Java being the preferred language.

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“Over the second half of 2019, there was noticeable growth in the number of architecture roles, mainly at the £80,000+ level. Clients looked for strategic individuals — for example, an infrastructure architect with an enterprise architect mindset.

Data scientists were key hires in 2019 — an increased number of companies requested Python and associated machine learning libraries. This was a feature of many team builds, with requirements looking at how data science can generate ROI or provide cost saving benefits. Reflecting a tough economy, less money was spent on research and development and the focus was more on projects with a well-researched business problem to solve.

Data visualisation was also a focus for many businesses — Microsoft Power BI was adopted as a visualisation tool of choice and is providing Tableau with significant competition. The popularity of data visualisation is in line with analytics becoming more prevalent in non-technical business areas such as marketing, finance and legal. The clarity provided by these tools enables complex statistical concepts to be represented and acted upon with more ease, effectively democratising data.”

IT salary guide

Job TitleLowAverageHigh
AI/ML Specialist6000080000100000
Android Developer550006500080000
Application Support .NET500007000080000
Application Support Team Lead700008000090000
Automation Tester650007000080000
Big Data Architect7500090000120000
Business Intelligence Developer450006500090000
Business Intelligence Manager7500090000110000
Business Objects Developer500006500080000
C#.Net Developer5000080000120000
C++ Developer5500090000130000
Cloud Architect90000100000110000
Cloud Engineer600008000090000
Cyber Security Architect90000100000110000
Cyber Security Engineer700008000090000
Data Analyst400005000070000
Data Architect7000090000110000
Data Developer400006000090000
Data Engineer4500060000100000
Job TitleLowAverageHigh
Data Scientist450006500090000
Data Visualisation Developer450006500090000
Data Warehouse Developer5500065000100000
Database Administrator400005000065000
Desktop Support Engineer300004500050000
Development Lead / Manager80000140000200000
DevOps Engineer (Development)700008000090000
Enteprise Architect90000100000110000
Front End Developer5500085000120000
Full Stack Developer5500090000120000
Head of Data Engineering90000120000150000
Head of Data Science90000120000140000
IAM Engineer600007500090000
Information Architect6000080000100000
Infrastructure Manager700008000090000
Infrastrucuture Architect (Infrastructure)700008000090000
iOS Developer550006500080000
Java Developer5500090000130000
JavaScript Developer5500085000120000
Network Administrator400005500065000
Network Engineer500007000080000
Network Security Engineer650007000080000
Oracle Developer550006500085000
QA / Test Automation Engineer700007500085000
QA / Test Engineer550006500075000
QA / Test Manager7500085000100000
Quant Developer60000115000150000
SAS Developer450006000080000
Job TitleLowAverageHigh
Service Desk Analyst250003500045000
Service Manager550007000080000
Solutions Architect7000085000100000
SQL BI Developer500006000075000
SQL Developer450006000075000
Systems Engineer500007000080000
Technical Architect8000090000100000
UI or GUI Developer5500085000120000
Unix / Linux Administrator500007000080000
UX Designer450006000075000
UX Manager6000085000100000
Web Developer5500085000110000
Windows Systems Administrator500007000080000
Job TitleLowAverageHigh
AI/ML Specialist400600800
Android Developer400500650
Application Support .NET350450550
Application Support Team Lead450500600
Automation Tester400500550
Big Data Architect600750900
Business Intelligence Developer400550650
Business Intelligence Manager500650800
Business Objects Developer400550600
C#.Net Developer350600750
Job TitleLowAverageHigh
C++ Developer500700850
Cloud Architect650750850
Cloud Engineer500550650
Cyber Security Architect600700800
Cyber Security Engineer500600700
Data Analyst350500600
Data Architect7008001000
Data Developer400600900
Data Engineer450550800
Data Scientist400500700
Data Visualisation Developer400500650
Data Warehouse Developer450550700
Database Administrator350450500
Desktop Support Engineer200250350
Development Lead / Manager5007501000
DevOps Engineer (Development)600700800
Enteprise Architect650700800
Front End Developer450600800
Full Stack Developer450650800
Head of Data Engineering7008501000
Head of Data Science6008001000
IAM Engineer400500600
Information Architect5006001000
Infrastructure Manager550600700
Infrastrucuture Architect (Infrastructure)550650750
iOS Developer400500650
Java Developer450600850
Job TitleLowAverageHigh
JavaScript Developer450600800
Network Administrator350400450
Network Engineer400500550
Network Security Engineer450550600
Oracle Developer450550650
QA / Test Automation Engineer450550600
QA / Test Manager550600700
Quant Developer6008001000
SAS Developer450575650
Service Desk Analyst150200250
Service Manager400500600
Solutions Architect600650750
SQL BI Developer400500650
SQL Developer400500650
Systems Engineer400450500
Technical Architect550600700
UI or GUI Developer450550650
Unix / Linux Administrator450500600
UX Designer500600700
UX Manager500600750
Web Developer450650800
Windows Systems Administrator400450500
Morgan McKinley's IT salary guide.

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