MP praises Direct Save Telecom for unemployment scheme


Richard Harrington, MP for Watford, has praised Watford-based telco Direct Save Telecom for its commitment to helping people back into work, and hiring from the local community.

Harrington visited Direct Save’s headquarters yesterday to see first-hand how local people are being given the opportunity to get back into full-time employment.

Direct Save Telecom launched its unemployment scheme, which was inspired by the government’s Work Programme, earlier this year. The telco announced in April that it will create 120 new full-time jobs at its Watford base over the next 12 months and the recruitment scheme is on target with a further 10 openings immediately available.

Unlike other businesses in the Watford area, Direct Save Telecom guarantees an interview to all who apply no matter their circumstances.

Direct Save Telecom is currently one of the fastest-growing telecom providers in the UK on the back of the success of its cheapest-in-the-UK £1.95-per-month unlimited broadband offer and 28-day no-contract deal. In the past three months, over 3,000 new customers have signed-up for the £1.95 unlimited broadband.

Whilst visiting Direct Save’s headquarters, Harrington vowed to continue to tackle unemployment in the area and help people back into work with the support of local businesses and through initiatives such as his Jobs Fairs.   

“With the help of local businesses, and the local community, my aim is to see at least 1,000 new jobs created in the Watford area over the next year – and the positions offered by Direct Save Telecom are a great start,” he said. 

“You can see why Direct Save Telecom is growing so quickly. The work it is doing in the local community is excellent; it really is great to see local companies doing well and hiring local people. Often people just need an opportunity and I’m delighted that we are seeing this in action in Watford.”

Chris Charles, General Manager of Direct Save Telecom, added: “We are totally committed to UK based operations and we do this whilst maintaining healthy profits and building a strong sustainable business – something the big four cannot claim.”

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