Nationwide Building Society aims to improve user data experience

Digital transformation company AND Digital is partnering with Nationwide Building Society to improve the data experience of users

A new programme has been launched to transform Nationwide‘s member data strategy, as it looks to enhance user experience for its 16 million members.

AND Digital will look to help deliver real-time and information across touchpoints for NBS employees and members — in person, online, or on the phone — through optimising work processes and developing bespoke platforms that require minimal technical capabilities of the user.

An enhanced cloud infrastructure, meanwhile, will help NBS adapt to the rapidly changing needs of members at scale.

AND Digital looks to empower organisations to build digital products, and grow internal capabilities, placing focus on innovation and achieving long-term success.

“Throughout our 135-year history, Nationwide has constantly evolved to better meet the needs of its members, with legendary service at the heart of all our interactions,” said Umesh Jetha, data integrity director and CDAO at Nationwide Building Society.

“With multiple products and services available, and various touch points members can contact us on, it is vital that they can enjoy a seamless experience wherever and whenever they engage with us.

“Utilising data is key to offering exceptional member experiences, as well as unlocking a wealth of insights into our members. It is great to be working with AND Digital as we embark on this exciting journey to a data-led society.”

Amol Punekar, executive & head of business unit at AND Digital, commented: “Members no longer compare and contrast experiences in silos between building societies, retail brands, food delivery services or social media platforms, etc.

“Organisations are operating in the same playing field – and the game is customer loyalty. Great experiences are also no longer a ‘nice to have’, they are a necessity.

“Building societies like NBS are sitting on a wealth of insights that can help them meet the ever-changing expectations of members — be that in the products and services they offer or best practice ways of connecting with them.

“However, robust teams, processes and products are needed to capitalise on the opportunity to achieve this. We are delighted to be working with NBS on this journey – as they look to increasingly meet their members’ expectations.”


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