NetOps 2.0: Driving Application Intelligence

With the advent of 5G and changing consumer expectations on service and application quality, the network is undergoing a dramatic shift. Customers now expect a service-centric network model that is able to respond in real-time to queries, with quality of experience at the forefront of this network evolution.

Enter NetOps 2.0.

As Gartner describes it; as network teams are increasingly asked to deliver more capabilities at an increased pace, with fewer errors, infrastructure and operations leaders must transform network operations by investing in analytics and automation, while improving integration with DevOps and security to support digital business and evolving network needs.

Organisations can embrace NetOps 2.0 by prioritising an automation-led approach to the network, in order to improve collaboration between teams, boost analytics capabilities across the network and respond to the changing needs of customers and employees.

In this webinar, join Gigamon, in partnership with Information Age, to discuss; what is NetOps 2.0, why the network is changing so dramatically and how network visibility ensures resilience, security and success.

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