November 2002

Cover story:
Brain drain
In pursuit of competitive edge or to develop function not addressed by packaged products, IT departments often create highly innovative software. What’s to stop IT staff leaving to turn that project work into a commercial venture?

In service
Organisations that have adopted IT service management software report lower costs, greater efficiency, higher quality of service. Are their claims too good to be true?

The missing link
Business-to-business web services won’t become widely adopted until adequate applications management tools emerge to handle testing, deployment and application monitoring.

Outside of the box
Applications outsourcing has evolved, insist suppliers. But is the model finally starting to deliver on its promise to ease management and reduce costs, and is it the right option for your organisation?


Intellectual property: don’t let it slip away, says Kenny MacIver.

INSIDER — updates and downloads
Highlights, facts and inside stories from the frontiers of the information economy.
Not another CIO spending survey
Red Hat offers help with security – outside the US
Call mobile saints and mobile sinners
McNealy campaigns for illiteracy at Sun
IT in the workplace: Are you a shark or a squirrel?
Hackers hit right at the heart of the Internet
IT services provider makes £30 million technology blunder
IT department biggest threat to security
One in six emails is spam, says MessageLabs

Feedback, opinion, amplification, clarification, corrections.

PERSPECTIVE — technology, strategy and financial analysis

Patch panic
Software patches are the bane of IT managers’ lives and many respond to a deluge of ‘fixes’ by ignoring them. What should they do instead?

The Information Age interview
Ian Taylor, procurement director, Halifax Bank of Scotland

Expert advice
Professor Wendy Currie of Brunel University discusses the potential role of web services in business process outsourcing.

Satisfaction guaranteed?
An independent customer satisfaction survey spotlights weakness at Siebel.

A neutral budget
More or less: Will this year’s IT managers’ mantra extend into 2003?

REPORT CARD — company analysis
A round up of the strategic and business issues facing key suppliers in the information technology industry.

PROSPECTUS — companies to watch
A guide to the products and strategies of some of the youngest and fastest growing companies in the global technology industry.
Tonic Software
Top Layer Networks

FINANCIAL REPORT — financial results
Highlights and comment relating to the quarterly results of the main suppliers of information technology.
Systems vendors
Security software vendors
B2B software vendors
Infoconomy Index
Low-end sales bolster EMC
Growth assurance at Microsoft

UNDER OFFER — mergers and acquisitions

INFORMATION UNIT — industry trends
Information Unit tracks the key trends affecting the global information economy and analyses the evolution of technology in corporations worldwide.
IT spending
IT support
Enterprise applications
IT contracts
Business intelligence

Reviews of the latest technology business books
Business process management

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