Oracle caves in on multi-core licensing

20 December 2005 Business applications and database giant Oracle has revised it licensing policy on multi-core processors to fall in line with competitors.

Oracle has decided that customers will not be charged more for running its software on servers that use multi-core processors.

Previously, Oracle had argued that because multi-core chips provide a performance boost, the licences should be subject to a premium.

But Oracle has been under significant pressure to revise its stance. Rivals, such as Microsoft, opted not to charge premiums for multi-core.

Chip makers such as Intel, AMD, Sun Microsystems and IBM have made significant enhancements to multi-core products, identifying it as an effective way to boost power without generating as much heat – which can be a major barrier to performance.

“As technology evolves, we have adapted our licensing models to accommodate those changes,” said Jacqueline Woods, vice president of global pricing and licensing strategy at Oracle.

Per-core licensing is just one option the database company offers. Oracle also lets customers license its software on a per-user or per-employee basis; on one- to five-year terms; or on a perpetual basis.

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