Potential Apple releases this year

This year expect to see the technology giant Apple release a range of products. Will the iPhone 8 (rumoured to be called the iPhone X – celebrating ten years since the first iPhone) look like the many pictures shared on Facebook? And are there some other products which people haven’t even heard of yet? Rumours have it that Apple has many things in store for us.

So what predictions are there in store?

Apple Watch 3

In September 2016, the second generation of its watch was released, which consisted of GPS, waterproofing design and internal upgrades.

It is expected that the Apple Watch 3 will be released in September 2017. Probably, it will include additional storage space. It is also anticipated that there will be a new- add front camera which can be used for selfies and FaceTime calls.

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The design has not been announced yet, but it is likely to feature a Micro-led display which will be lighter and thinner.


Possibly, the first iPhone release of 2017 will be the sequel to iPhone SE, which could be called iPhone SE2 or iPhone SEs. It should be released during the same period as iPhone SE, and the classic design will be carried on.

However, more internal memory like A10 chip and better camera could be included. And the next one is the much awaited iPhone 8! Planned to be released for Apple’s 10th anniversary, there is much expectations for this model.

iPhone 8 could wash off the home page to set the place to an edge-to-edge glass display. Reports conclude that the screen itself will act as a fingerprint sensor.

Augmented reality software is also expected to be added to this model. Apple customers have until September 2017 to find out.

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Wait until March 2017, and you could see the iPad Mini 5. The last iPad was released in 2015, so there’s great chances of an iPad Mini Pro could make its way this year.

This model will be a much upgraded version with thinner but tougher aluminium chassis.

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Software and services

Are you ready for the iOS 11? Apple normally announces the new iOS updates in June so let’s hope they do this year as well. It is rumoured that iOS 11 will have an improved ‘natural-sounding’ Siri.

It could also include a darker mode with black backgrounds, other than the usual bright ones. You can also see your contacts as online, so that you can message them instantly. There are chances that the macOS X will be announced as well. The upgrades have not been unveiled yet, but it is expected to be huge.

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