Pub group kicks off mobile engagement initiative with self-service app

Pub and bar group TCG today revealed that Henry’s Café Bar in Covent Garden has become its first venue to offer customers the option to order and pay for food and drinks via a self-service ordering system on their smartphone.

When customers arrive at Henry’s, they can now use the QikServe app on their iOS or Android smartphone to scan a QR code on their table, which quickly brings up a menu of food and drinks.

Upon selection of their order, customers select a payment option such as secure card payment or PayPal, and the order is then transmitted to the bar where it is fulfilled as normal.

The deployment is the start of a new mobile engagement strategy for TCG, which runs 69 bars and pubs across the UK.

“We’re delighted to be using mobile technology to offer our customers a new way to order food and drink at one of our flagship sites,” said Ben Levick, director of operations at TCG. “Like a number of our most popular pubs and bars, Henry’s Covent Garden becomes incredibly busy at key trading times and even with our crack bar team, queues are inevitable.

“Ordering and paying by mobile phone gives customers the option to remain at their table all night, rather than leave their friends to replenish drinks. We’re sure it’s going to be popular, making service more efficient and leaving bartenders and waiters free to focus on the customer experience that is so important in Henry’s Café Bars.”

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The QikServe App can be customised by Henry’s to adapt to menu changes, specials and any other products or services that it wishes to provide its customers. The app connects to the QikServe platform over the internet using a mobile data connection.

Henry’s use the QikServe system alongside their point-of-sale system, which is provided by MICROS Systems. The two companies are collaborating to deliver integrated mobile solutions for the hospitality sector.

Dubbed “the waiter in your pocket”, the QikServe app provides a unique mobile ordering and payment system that has already been implemented across the UK and US in sectors ranging from casual dining and hotel room service to sports stadiums and airports.

In addition to offering customers a new way to order and pay, QikServe also provides businesses with the ability to present customers with special offers and targeted promotions.

“No one likes missing out on the conversation at their table while they queue for drinks at the bar, and now they don’t have to,” said Dan Rodgers, founder of QikServe. “We are delighted to be working with TCG, a partnership which recognises our experience and expertise in delivering integrated consumer-facing mobile solutions for hospitality.

“With QikServe we have created a product that combines convenience for the customer with a new marketing and consumer engagement channel for the business owner. It’s a nice combination.”

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