Public Sector Network will have “hardened core”

The Public Sector Network (PSN), a "network of networks" currently in development by the UK government, will ultimately be given a "hardened core", the project’s programme director revealed today.

Speaking at the SmartGov conference in London, John Stubley said the government’s new network would will have numerous failsafes built into so that IT and communications services can be maintained "whatever happens". 

"The hardened core would be designed to provide continued operation in catastrophes or natural disasters when regular channels of communication are down," Stubley said. "The core would be made up of dedicated lines, but the challenge will be to ensure that the relevant information is available on those lines when the switch is made." 

Stubley went on to say that while the PSN project is being rolled out right now, the "hardened core" would not be operational for three or four years. 

He explained that the principle behind the PSN was to encourage network sharing within the government. "The idea behind it is that you can actually share them – no more dedicated government networks," he said. "The old set up has got to go."

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