Recession boosts license auditing

Software vendors impacted by the recession are increasingly likely to audit their customers to ensure their licence usage is legitimate, according to research commissioned by software asset management firm Trustmarque.

Of the IT executives interviewed for the survey, 35% reported an increase in vendor auditing activity compared to a year ago. And that is a major concern, as only 17% said they were confident their licensing estate was up to date.

Job freezes and layoffs mean that 67% said they have fewer staff to manage software assets, and 16% claimed to have resorted to ‘panic-buying’ licences when faced with an audit. “With funds scarce in the face of the recession, there is a risk for many companies that they may not be able to match up to vendor scrutiny,” says Trustmarque CEO Scott Haddow.

Interestingly, a quarter of those respondents that had been hit by a vendor audit believe it was triggered by a whistle-blowing employee reporting a breach to vendors or to the licence watchdog, the British Software Alliance (BSA).

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