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The Power to Predict

By Vivek Ranadivé [2006]

In a follow up to his 1999 ‘The Power of Now’, the CEO of software vendor Tibco, examines the next breakthrough in competitive advantage: predictive business. The ongoing quest to anticipate customers’ needs, and create opportunities to fulfil these needs will transform business operations, the author argues. Using examples from companies such as Procter & Gamble, Harrah’s and Gallo, Ranadivé shows the power of business analysis that can transcend historical insight, and move to a predictive state.

By Jim Davis, Gloria Miller and Allan Russell [2006]

For business intelligence to be capable of transforming corporate operations it needs to evolve beyond the stage where data is controlled at the departmental level, argue the book’s authors. This book offers a template for creating an organisation closely aligned to its customers and partners. This approach can help businesses sustain growth and revenue potential, the authors argue, by providing a mechanism to continuously update and optimise business activities.

Analyst research

Accounting Intelligence
Butler Group [June 2006]

Deliver Process-Driven Business Intelligence With a Balanced BI Platform
Gartner [April 2006]

A Strategic Approach to Extending and Standardising the Use of BI
Butler Group [March 2006]

Worldwide Business Intelligence Software Taxonomy 2006
IDC [March 2006]

Architecting the Next Generation of EMI: Operations Intelligence Meets Business Intelligence
AMR Research [August 2006]

The Information Workplace Will Redefine The World Of Work At Last
Forrester Research [June 2005]

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