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Customer Intelligence

By Seán Kelly [2006]

Kelly was once the head of business intelligence at database software maker Sybase. In this book he argues that companies need to redefine the relationship between the business and consumer, using a business intelligence-style analysis of the customer data. Instead of informing customers what it has on offer, businesses should be using the wealth of information collected to foster customer dialogues.

Business Intelligence Competency Centers: A Team Approach to Maximizing Competitive Advantage

By Gloria J. Miller, Dagmar Bräutigam and Stefanie V. Gerlach [2006]

This book examines how to get the most out of investment in BI. The authors argue that this is best achieved through developing a cross-functional team with specific responsibilities for supporting and promoting the effective use of BI across the enterprise.

Performance Management: Finding the missing pieces (to close the intelligence gap)

By Gary Cobkins [2004]

This book, examines the theory and practice of developing enterprise-class performance management systems.

Smooth Sailing on Rough Seas

By Rob Rose [2002]

This book provides a guidance on how to use BI systems to provide decision makers at all levels a must have shared view of their companies overall strategy, and how individual roles impact overall performance.

Analyst research

Key Steps to Making Business Intelligence Strategic

Gartner [May 2006]

Deliver Process-Driven Business Intelligence With a Balanced BI Platform

Gartner [April 2006]

Business intelligence at

BI: A work in progress

Application intelligence

Smart spending

The art of data

Compact slicing and dicing

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