Information Age have partnered with Salesforce and NTT to deliver the Responsible Technology Series 2020.

Across three events, running from September 30th to 4th November, we explored how enterprises can champion the use of responsible technology.

What is Responsible Tech?

Responsible technology is important for delivering a positive future where tech is useful, trusted and trustworthy. We need to have technology developed and maintained which supports this vision, and to drive this requires making ethical and responsible activity not just more worthy, but easier and more valuable too.

Register to watch the three events below to be:

  • Informed of the latest responsible tech practices.
  • Armed with the practical tools and resources to make their tech development
    ethical and responsible.
  • Educated on the ways in which tech can be helpful as well as harmful.
  • Presented examples of tech for good and responsible technology.


Employees, Ethics & Tech Development

You can now watch the on demand recording of this event by registering your details via the form.

Wednesday, 4th November 2020, 10:00am

3. Employees, Ethics & Tech Development — Wednesday, 4th November 2020, 10:00am

10:00 Welcome Remarks

10:05 Opening Keynote

Keynote Speaker
Ruth Rowan, Chief Marketing Officer, NTT Ltd.

Panel: Integrating Ethical Practices

• Making responsible and ethical practices a part of company culture
• Embedding ethical tech development as your ‘new normal’
• The ethics around AI, data use and misinformation
• The decisions we make towards technological advances and putting employees first
• Employee engagement and the importance of tech in re-skilling employees

Panel Moderator

Toju Duke, Project Lead, Women in AI Ireland

Sarah Burnett, Founding Partner, Head of Technology Immersion & Insights, Emergence Partners Ltd
David Barker,
Founder & CEO, Techcentre, The Social Innovation Agency
Olivia Gambelin, Founder & CEO, Ethical Intelligence Associates Ltd
Adam Spearing,
EMEA Field CTO & SVP Solution Consulting, Salesforce

11:00 Closing Remarks


New Decade, Good Tech

Webinar - 1. New Decade, Good Tech — Wednesday 30th September 2020, 10:00am

You can now watch the on demand recording of this event by registering your details via the form.

10:00 Welcome Remarks – Jenna Kelly, Conference Producer, Bonhill Plc
10:05 Opening Keynote

Keynote speaker

Alex Stephany, CEO, Beam

10:20 Panel: The acceleration of Tech for Good

  • The growth of tech for social good activity in 2020
  • What tech has been key in getting the world through multiple global crises this year?
  • How can you and your business support social impact tech start-ups?
  • Innovative examples of how we can reduce human impact on the environment and society

Panel Moderator

Rebecca Rae-Evans, Host, Tech For Good Live

Tanya Woods, Chief Impact Officer, Project K(IN)D
Sharon Obuobi, Founder & Managing Director, R&Co Developers
Hamza Khan, Partner, McKinsey & Company
Jeremie Warner, Director & Founder, Power a Life

11:00 Closing Remarks


The Future of Responsible

2. The Future of Responsible — Wednesday, 21st October 2020, 10:00am

You can now watch the on demand recording of this event by registering your details via the form.

10:00 Welcome Remarks
10:05 Opening Keynote: The New Normal Demands a New Way to Work

Keynote Speaker

Daniela Kirchhubel, Director, Platform Product Marketing, Salesforce

10:20 Panel: Emerging from the Pandemic Responsibly

  • What new challenges do we face, and what are the responsible solutions?
  • Ensuring that, in the rush back to ‘normal’, consideration is given to sustainability and ethics
  • The responsible tech innovations that will take centre stage in the coming years
  • In what way can your organisation contribute towards and ensure responsible activity?
  • Emerging from the pandemic responsibly as companies begin reopening
  • Safety first: getting back work to safely, putting the safety of employees first and reopening your communities and businesses safely.

Panel Moderator

Dama Sathianathan, Partner, Bethnal Green Ventures

Sally Eaves, Senior Policy Advisor, Global Foundation for Cyber Studies
Aimee Ansari, Executive Director, Translators without Borders
David Ryan Polgar, Founder, All Tech is Human
Chuck Nice, President, Nicely Done Productions

11:00 Closing Remarks