RightsLedger establish subsidiary in Malaysia

The new subsidiary for RightsLedger, established in Los Angeles in 2017, sees the firm strike deals with partner companies within the region, including Trio OTT, Max Pandora and VNowTV.

These partnerships will allow the company’s technology to be licensed within Asia.

Also, the three partner companies will be able to offer digital content and streaming capabilities.

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RightsLedger allows creative talent to protect the rights of its products on streaming and social media.

“Users can upload and register their photos and videos to the blockchain to authenticate their ownership, and from there, they can enter the global marketplace to license their work to others through smart contracts that ensure quick delivery and payment,” explained RightsLedger CEO, Ray Young.

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These services come in the form of a decentralised mobile application that offers points to users for registration, which can go towards creating a unique fingerprint for the user’s content. This rewards-based economy is made possible by blockchain technology.

The platform’s resident token, RightsToken (RTK), was introduced in the second quarter of 2018.

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“We’ve launched RightsLedger Asia to serve as the international hub of our business, and we are working to create more partnerships as we expand throughout the region,” said Young.

“Unlike other blockchain companies only in the vision stage, we have a working platform for use today.”

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