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Sam Altman

As the CEO of ChatGPT developer OpenAI, Sam Altman remains one of the most impactful tech leaders in the AI space, overseeing a surge in usership for the application to over 100 million in just two months. This has led to the start-up attracting further funding from key investor Microsoft, and implementation of its technology in Bing and Office 365.

With regulation of the technology taking shape globally, Altman recently told the US Senate that while generative AI could play a key role in overcoming global challenges such as climate change and curing cancer, “the US Government might consider a combination of licensing and testing requirements for development and release of AI models above a threshold of capabilities”.

Altman was one of those many tech leaders who co-signed Safe.ai’s open letter calling for increased priority for mitigation of AI risk to society. In an aim to mitigate possibly hidden AI usage among people, a project encompassing human verification and cryptocurrency named Worldcoin was launched by the GenAI leader. He told The Times that “I’m hopeful Worldcoin can contribute to conversations about how we share access, benefits, and governance of future AI systems”.

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Aaron Hurst

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