Samsung denies interest in acquiring RIM

Contrary to reports yesterday, electronics manufacturer Samsung has no interest in acquired BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion, the South Korean company said today.

Shares in Canada’s RIM rose eight percent yesterday after mobile technology blog Boy Genius Report quoted an anonymous source close to RIM  as saying that co-CEO Jim Basille is "going hard after Samsung".

Samsung denied the story outright. "Media reports of Samsung Electronics’ buyout of Research in Motion are not true," a spokesperson told Information Age. "Samsung is not considering the acquisition of RIM."

A report in Reuters says that Samsung has not approached by RIM, and that it is not interested in licensing the Canadian company’s mobile platform.

However, it does say Asian vendors are interested in RIM, which is valued at $9 billion. "As we don’t have our own platform, it’s (RIM) an attractive option to look into and we’re flexible about anything," said an anonymous source close to one of the large Asian handset makers.

RIM pushed shares have climbed by 40% in the last month, since reports of takeover interest from RIM in December. However, shares in the company are still down 75% over the past year.

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