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IT security continues to be high on the corporate agenda, according to a recent online survey conducted by Infoconomy, the publishers of Information Age, in conjunction with managed services provider Vistorm.

Two-thirds of respondents affirmed that their organisations have a security policy that is regularly reviewed and communicated to all staff. Furthermore, 63% say they monitor their IT security provision on a 24-hour, seven-day basis.

However, perhaps because security is perceived to be such a key issue, very few of those that responded to the survey presently outsource, or plan to outsource, their security requirements. Almost 90% of respondents prefer to deal with security in-house, citing cost and quality of resources as their main concerns.

Although few organisations outsource their security needs to a managed service provider at present, a significant portion (28%) say they are considering doing so over the next 12 months. One of the greatest perceived advantages for 43% of respondents is that they will actually receive more comprehensive security cover from a service provider than they can source in-house.

The type of security organisations have implemented also varies. According to the survey, 89% have perimeter security in place, such as firewall products or a virtual private network, and 60% have installed some form of content security, such as email scanning software.

  • Two respondents to the survey, picked at random, win prizes. Andrew Robinson, ecommerce director of UK financial services company Alliance & Leicester, is the lucky winner of an HP digital camera. Steven Quinby, infrastructure data manager at engineering support services company Serco Railtest, wins a case of champagne.


What are the reasons you would consider outsourcing security to a service provider?
Source: Infoconomy

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